Creature Comforts

Sometimes we want the glamour of lace and silk that makes us feel like a million dollars. At other times we just want to relax into something comfortable - lingerie that we can wear when walking the dog or curling up in front of the fire.

I am delighted to be able to stock something for everyone and in this blog I am going to highlight some of the products that put practicality and comfort first.


Mey is a family business based in Germany and they are highly regarded for their quality and sustainability. I have some of their most popular ranges in stock here: the spacer t-shirt bras, their basic tops and the comfortable pyjamas


Chantelle is not all about lace: I always have in stock a range of their soft stretch briefs. With no visble panty line they are perfect for under your close fitting outerwear. Here are some examples of the styles that are available.

So whether you want to be super-comfy or more glamourous, I have a good range in the shop. Please ask if you can't see your size or the design you like.